Annette Schindler

Annette Schindler, 38, was a conceptionist and co-founder of a queer feminist sexshop in Berlin and is now an aspiring sex therapist. She describes herself as queer, sex positive, intersectional anarchofeminist. As long as theory is lived out philosphical.

Connecting bodies with ideas and rational theories with dreams, she loves working with everything she finds at her disposal, creating new ways for herself and others. This workshop will be her first of it’s kind and Annette is looking forward to her first xplore with curiosity.

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  • Romantic, Trust & Hunger

    Annette Schindler

    Together we will make social utopia perceptible with our bodies. Through touch we will give room to our romantic relationship forms and cast them back on ourselves. Within this interaction between yourselves and others and with your inner voice and your body, I invite you to explore your own image of romance.