How and why do we fall in love?

After 15 years of xplore, after hundreds of workshops on unusual tendencies, exquisite perversities, brutal torture techniques and sensory ecstasies, it seems time to ask this simple question. (We don’t shy away from anything!) 

What is behind this fetish, which was discovered not so long ago (Schlegel, Tieck, Novalis, check them out!!!), and which became so incredibly popular? What makes the object of our passion so sexy? How can we distinguish between love and our image of love? Is our love life just expression of a cultural conditioning? Do we experience the thing itself or its representation?

We approach the subject with experimental arrangements exploring the construction of emotions (Baby, I love you!), with investigations into relationships and passion (You break my heart!) and settings that play with clichés and fantasy (Save me!)
We consider practicing BDSM as a genuine romantic act, so please don’t forget your whips and chains. It will be exciting, touching and very, very funny.

Be prepared to fall in love.

Enjoy the festival!