Klara Lotte

Klara Lotte is a passionate sculptress, art-therapist, editor, Furniture-Trainer based in Berlin, Europe. She loves to explore, question and practice the connections and possibilities of nature and Eros, animals and humans, dance and sex and society and love, to name a few. As for example in her thesis about the emerging notion of comfort and its consequences for the furniture and the social and love life in the 18th century in France.


  • Poetry of the Genitals and Other Erotic Body Parts

    Klara Lotte

    Our genitals and other erotic body parts provide us with a lot of pleasure. What could happen, if we would know more about them? If we had more names for them?
    To communicate our desires, sensations and phantasies? To tell our experiences with them? If we would give them more space? Give them a stage? A paper and pencil?

    In this workshop we will share descriptions, stories or poems about our genitals.
    Please come dressed with a sarong or a sexy peignoir with as little under it, as you feel comfortable with.

    NB: This workshop is clothing-optional.