Massage & Bodywork Exchange

(Fri+Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 11am-7pm)

Photo: © unbekannt

There is a space equipped for bodywork, rope bondage and all kinds of massage. xplore guests are invited to come to a meeting point and trade all forms of physical treatments – from academic/professional to improvised/intuitive, supported by a cast of experts. In the same space you also find opportunities for creative expression and play with materials. A place for manual activities and relaxation, accompanied by gentle electronic music and flute play.

Artistic Director: Shadow
Technical Director: Wilhelmus F.
Sound-Session: Lorenzo C, Marco C, a.o.
Experts Bodywork: Anja, Beate, Bettina, Lara, Norman, Simone

Mind and Body Awakening

Photo: © unbekannt

Introductory workshop
by Ysel & Shadow

(daily 11am – 12:30pm)