The Jesus Experience – Introduction

ongoing art installation, delta®

Photo: Paul Jung

We all know this symbol of a nearly naked man nailed to a wooden cross: Jesus.
We all have seen it for ages quite everywhere in the Christian’s religious world.
We all have a more or less deep or strange feeling when we look at it.
But do we really know how it feels like, when hanging on a cross really?
How does our own body react?
Our emotions? Our mind?

It is up to you what you will experience when you hang up there on the cross, elevated above all others.
You can open a door to your very self.
You are the only one who decides what you are doing on the cross while time is playing with you.
You can stay still, dance, be afraid, suffer, enjoy, or even orgasm.
Time will be your Master.

In this art installation you can Xplore your feelings and approach the deeper meaning of being crucified.
Maybe you get a slight idea what it means “to take all the burden of mankind on your shoulder” while hanging up there.

There will be an introduction workshop as theoretical approach to this symbol with physical exercises
It is strongly recommended to attend this workshop before devoting yourself to the real experience of hanging a few minutes up there on this majestic cross.

Friday 16:00h outside on the lawn

First Time at xplore? Single at xplore?

Xplore is a playground, an experiment, a voyage of discovery outside everyday life, in which the usual rules of polite distance and non-committal coexistence are temporarily suspended. This freedom can also be exhausting and unsettling, especially when you’re new to the playground and everyone else seems to be moving like fish in the water.

In this workshop for new visitors to the Xplore this year, we are trying to make the playground more familiar, more courageous and easier to get to know eachother.

Touch and Politics

Alessandro Pedori (Alex)
German / English

The spirit of a late night chat with good friends, but more focused, pragmatic, and open to all. A Relationship Cookbook is an embodied, semi-structured conversation about challenging topics; a somewhat different way to communicate in a group, with the help of non-verbal hand signals and time boxing, to allow us to gather and talk intelligently with each other and not at each other. It is facilitated with tools from unconferences, Open Space Technology, Occupy assembly hand signals, and other systems.

Part workshop on how to communicate in a group AS a group, part conversation about the content. This Relationship Cookbook will be about Touch and Politics:
What’s the interaction between what we do with our bodies, to our and other bodies, and the social body out there? Do we have a duty to change the world, just to resist unwanted change, or…what?
Every conversation will have a maximum of 35-40 people. It is a dialogue, the wildest ideas could be discussed, while our physical bodies will be mostly sitting and talking, with just a bit of non-verbal signalling (there is the rest of Xplore for acting out and wild).

Mind and Body Awakening

Shadow & Ysel in Massage and Bodywork Exchange

We will propose simple exercises based on the following principles:

Becoming fully conscious of one’s own presence, as well as of the effects of a shared presence with a partner, experimenting and observing how the presence of a neutral ‘witness’ affects the interactions of the dyad, with and without physical contact.

For this exploration we will guide the you into a light naturally-induced modified state of consciousness. You will retain full awareness, ensuring boundaries and individual integrity are respected at all times.
We’ll propose interactions such as moving and feeling one’s movement, as well as the other’s (when witnessing), using touch and breathing, possibly exploring spontaneous sounds, etc.
We’ll then go more in depth into two main directions, and the workshop will be slightly different everyday, so that you can come every day if you like, and experiment with something different each time, with am emphasis on Grace, the chosen theme for this edition of xplore:

• a ‘caring’ perspective, by providing easy tools and techniques which can later be used freely within the Bodywork/Massage Exchange space during the whole duration of xplore

• a ‘play’ perspective, by means of experimenting with consensual and intuitive physical stimulation to end the workshop on a climactic note. This may also inspire the participants to enjoy their xplore experience as a whole from an enhanced starting point.

every day >> at 11:00 am – 12:30 pm >>

Love Scenes

Experience your romantic fantasy!


“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.“
 Gone with the wind

Whether vampires in love or city neurotics longing for Mr. and Mrs. Right, whether southern beauties waiting to be conquered or terminally ill teenagers falling in love for the first time in hospital: we can hardly avoid touching or kitschy love scenes which have also often enough shaped our romantic fantasies.
Erotic fantasies from breath control to rape play to cock torture are now on everyone’s lips with a certain amount of nonchalance – we stage them, play with them, search and find ways to experience them.
To treat and express our romantic fantasies in a similarly playful way seems impossible because we experience them as closely connected with our serious feelings and our (love) relationships, just as we felt some time ago about our sexual fantasies.

In this workshop I offer you the opportunity to creatively explore and playfully stage your longings for kitschy sounding declarations of love or dramatic pathos (of course, your romance might always get hot and sexy, too – this is xplore after all…).
We will start with a short writing exercise in order to access our own romantic images and ideas, then we will play in trios and quartets with the resulting material and with film dialogues, staging some of those romantic fantasies that we have at most dared to dream of…

If possible, please bring pen and paper with you. Costumes and utensils that inspire your own romantic fantasies are also welcome.

“I wished I knew how to quit you.“
Brokeback Mountain

Erotic Hypnosis


Mysterious and surprising.
Disbelieved, yet powerful.
Intricate, still simple.

Hypnosis is a mysterious act many people don’t believe in. Stage hypnotist does not help its reputation. However if you intention is not to turn your partner into chicken, hypnosis can be a great tool in the right hands.

First of all every hypnosis is self-hypnosis. We will discover how hypnotic trance feels like. Getting into a nice and deep trance is a skill. We will develop this skill on both hypnotee and hypnotist side. Afterwards we will explore hypnotic trance and play with it using suggestion. Creating a dream like world, playing with sensations, hypnotic bondage… It is all about your fantasy.

Because I Love You

Andy Buru & Saara Rei

“Love, love, love
Love, love, love
Love, love, love

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done

Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung

Nothing you can say but you can learn
how to play the game
It’s easy”
(Beatles, All you need is love)

Welcome to a game of sacrifice,
A game of love.

What will you do for love?

This is a workshop in two parts:
First, a speed-date for love.
Second, a game of love,
with one, many, or nobody.

It’s an experiment.

It’s because I love you.

Just witnessing is welcomed.

Queer Romance

Nehra Stella

What I first have learned about ROMANCE ?


But one day she has the chance to go in disguise to the KINGS’S PARTY where her BEAUTY is immediately noticed by the PRINCE.

He invites her to a waltz and as they dance trough the night it’s love at first sight.

But at midnight the MODEST and IMMACULATE YOUNG PRINCESS runs away,

The prince MADLY IN LOVE looks for her everywhere, until he finds and SAVES HER and finally MARRIES HER…


I have heard this story so many times since my childhood and kept on hearing it throughout my child´s childhood… But what I didn’t know when I first heard it and that I know now is:

As women we hear about the importance of being young.
Nobody wants to hear or talk about old women, they don’t even appear in films or on TV, they are not represented as if they don’t exist or have any power…
(If they occasionally do, they are not really seen as women, like Angela or Margaret… but now what about this new emerging women such as Alexandra Cortez or Amal Clooney?? Are they hot enough??)

There are 28 existing kings and queens today versus 7.690.000.000 people.

These are the qualities that the biological gender I belong to is expected to display. Women must be sweet and kind.

Every woman should be a good mother. But she is also the root of all evil.

Women´s beauty is very important and when referring to a girl or to a woman, her aspect will always be the most important thing to notice and to compare…

Women are abused, a lot…
Only in the USA a woman is beaten every 9 seconds. ( Rebecca Solnit, “Men explain things to me“)

A big part of our society, pop culture, literature, films, judges, politicians and religions tend to believe that what men do to women is ultimately just women’s fault…
Or eventually what they are really wishing for…

This make me think essentially to:
– The Vatican
– Berlusconi and Putin in their famous “Bunga bunga“
– Some horrid stories of secret VIP pedophiles circles
– The marriage of Prince William, duke of Cambridge and Katie Middleton…

He is the ideal man, who brings wealth, care and protection and gives sense to the meaningless and passive life of a young and beautiful woman.

To be good women must be like the Virgin Mary… Virgins.
She is the only respectable woman versus many bad examples like Eve, Cleopatra, Medea…

650 millions girls and 115 millions boys are married before the age of 18.

Men are so madly in love with women that they sometimes kill them…*
(*According to “Wounded to Death“, 66.000 women are killed by men annually, worldwide, most of them by lovers, husbands and former partners…)

Women worldwide aged 15 through 44 are more likely to die or be severely injured because of male violence than because of cancer, malaria, war and traffic accidents combined. * (*Nicholas D. Kristof)

Spouses are also the leading cause of death for pregnant women in USA.

LIVE HAPPILY FOREVER AFTER… If this idea of Romance has bored you to death… If you are still looking for your own charming Prince/Princess or if you wish to reclaim your own way of being a Princess/Prince (maybe both), or even if you think you might have already found him, her, them… You are welcome to join QUEER ROMANCE.

We will theorize, fantasize and play together, to create memories, references, roles models, scenarios and any inspiring, subversive, personal, unique, weird new form of ROMANCE.

For a better understanding about how to contribute to this magic collective creation, I invite you to watch Felix Ruckert’s lecture “Creating Sex Positive Spaces”

References and citations:
Misogynies“ by Joan Smith
“Men explain things to me“ by Rebecca Solnit
“Woman Power, a Manifesto“ by Mary Beard
“All about Love“ by Bell Hooks
“Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve, the story that created us Stephen Greenblatt

Somatic Self Worship

Your body is sacred as fuck

Sonja Reifenhäuser

You are holy and your body embodies just that. It is the manifestation of your thoughts, your actions and your way of life. Here you are at home, you are carried and nurtured by it, it feels and thinks for you – even before your ratio can decide, your subconscious bodymind has already done this.

Our body has incredible intelligence that is the foundation of our being. All the essential qualities are experienced in the body, and we all face the act of defiance of having a body and being a body. We have accepted the challenge of integrating these two types of relationships into our bodies. You are human – welcome. And you have needs, desires, fears and stored experiences in all your cells. And that’s fine. In addition, it makes you an exciting individual and 3-dimensional.
Body awareness allows your ability to grow with the full spectrum of our emotions. When we devote ourselves to the self-sustaining and healing wisdom of our body, we can naturally regulate our nervous system, grow our abilities and tolerance for pleasurable and challenging experiences.

This workshop will help you track your body sensations and invite you on a journey and exploration to yourself.
We will create a safe, familiar space where you can be with all your holy bodyincarnation and where everything has space (from conscious to kink – all is welcome) and can be celebrated as a gift to yourself and to others. We explore our senses, feel, touch and shift our boundaries – consciously and carefully.

German Romantic

Live Performance

Peter Banki

The German Romantics brought together life and art, philosophy and sex in a unique manner and arguably for the first time. They saw all of these as inseparable. They experimented with collective living and working together as well as sharing themselves and their partners. They saw life as an infinite becoming. They were arguably, the first Xplorers. I am convinced that Xplore as a concept is profoundly indebted to the German Romantics. 

In this workshop with a musical accompaniment we will be invited to listen to poetry, literature and philosophy from Goethe, Schlegel, Kleist, Günderrode and others. While listening, you will be invited to interact, play, cuddle and/or have sex. We will xplore what effects the German Romantics have on our erotic play. And what our play does to the way we listen to the German Romantics.

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