Angela Brillante
In English mainly and German also naked as the body works as a canvas!

The epoch of Romanticism can be traced back from the end of the 18th century to the late 19th century, whereby literary romanticism dates approximately to the years 1795 to 1848. Therefore between classical music, Sturm und Drang, sensibility, enlightenment and Biedermeier, Vormärz and realism it stands. I invite you to discover in this workshop the ability to express the sensitivity of your body in motion. You enter into an empty space with a feather of your choice, size and color and meet a partner. We begin as couples with romantic poetry to court each other Vis A Vis. There are 5 stations: romantic talk, walk,  watch and touch, which will lead us to a romantic dance. Simply romantic –this workshop is a mélange of somatic sensing and creative poetry! Ask for the hand Madame … a Walz … or a Minouett .

We make the twist and create a simple dance out of our raw-man-tick gestures, as we search for the words and movement to accompany us through this workshop. You will be asked to share your body as a canvas with your partner to relate the one word in which you wish to beome the reality of your experience.