The Jesus Experience – Introduction

ongoing art installation, delta®

Photo: Paul Jung

We all know this symbol of a nearly naked man nailed to a wooden cross: Jesus.
We all have seen it for ages quite everywhere in the Christian’s religious world.
We all have a more or less deep or strange feeling when we look at it.
But do we really know how it feels like, when hanging on a cross really?
How does our own body react?
Our emotions? Our mind?

It is up to you what you will experience when you hang up there on the cross, elevated above all others.
You can open a door to your very self.
You are the only one who decides what you are doing on the cross while time is playing with you.
You can stay still, dance, be afraid, suffer, enjoy, or even orgasm.
Time will be your Master.

In this art installation you can Xplore your feelings and approach the deeper meaning of being crucified.
Maybe you get a slight idea what it means “to take all the burden of mankind on your shoulder” while hanging up there.

There will be an introduction workshop as theoretical approach to this symbol with physical exercises
It is strongly recommended to attend this workshop before devoting yourself to the real experience of hanging a few minutes up there on this majestic cross.

Friday 16:00h outside on the lawn