Felix Ruckert

A workshop for all who fantasize about being kidnapped or kidnapping someone.

It can be about persecution and overwhelming, loss of control, imprisonment and limited movement, being at the mercy of others, helplessness, rape fantasies and more.

We will discuss different scenarios and possibilities and – of course – talk about exit strategies and safe words.

With willing “victims” and “perpetrators” we will then design kidnapping scenarios in small groups and then realize them – during the xplore weekend!

Mass Marriage

Felix Ruckert & Vanessa Florence

Come and get married. With your beloved partner. With several beloved partners. With your dog. With your car. With yourself.
Finally done: The ultimate unification, the absolute and final happiness.
The highlight of your life.

Felix and the Australian witch Vanessa Florence will stage a mass wedding, complete with prayers, songs and other useful rituals.

This is your chance.
And don’t forget the rings!

Til Death Do Us Part

Seani Love

pic by Leela Sky

When invited to present on the topic of ‘romance’ my head went into a big spin. As a man who sells sacred sexuality sessions for a living, what do I know about romance? My mind wandered into the concepts most representing romance to me and no concept represented it more than the fantasy of a romantic connection lasting forever. The other thing that lasts forever once it lands is Death. And when people make wedding vows they promise this will last “Til Death Do Us Part” and thus the concept of this workshop was born. The dance between Sex And Death is eternal and so in this workshop we will experience both Sex And Death and perhaps get a little understanding of the true nature of romance.

The Liquid Dance

Pawel Dudus, Laura Eva Meuris

photo: Johan Pijpops, theaterfotograaf

Together we’re going to share some insights of our choreographic work, which investigates the subject of intimacy, love, care and sensuality and brings it into motion. Participants will be introduced to simple choreographic tools and working methods with the liquid material used in one of our performances. The workshop proposal offers physical encounters in a very intimate setting. Working with the liquid material opens up a possibility for playful interactions among participants and provides highly sensual experience. We will look for ways of moving together that can lead to an unconditional togetherness and a body, which neither loses itself in the other nor imposes its power over the other. Ultimately, the synergy of bodies moving together will lead to the development of a poetic dance in a liquid territory.


Angela Brillante
In English mainly and German also naked as the body works as a canvas!

The epoch of Romanticism can be traced back from the end of the 18th century to the late 19th century, whereby literary romanticism dates approximately to the years 1795 to 1848. Therefore between classical music, Sturm und Drang, sensibility, enlightenment and Biedermeier, Vormärz and realism it stands. I invite you to discover in this workshop the ability to express the sensitivity of your body in motion. You enter into an empty space with a feather of your choice, size and color and meet a partner. We begin as couples with romantic poetry to court each other Vis A Vis. There are 5 stations: romantic talk, walk,  watch and touch, which will lead us to a romantic dance. Simply romantic –this workshop is a mélange of somatic sensing and creative poetry! Ask for the hand Madame … a Walz … or a Minouett .

We make the twist and create a simple dance out of our raw-man-tick gestures, as we search for the words and movement to accompany us through this workshop. You will be asked to share your body as a canvas with your partner to relate the one word in which you wish to beome the reality of your experience. 

Tease & Denial

Paul Hasler

Foto: Paul Hasler

Tease and denial are the poles of every erotic balance. The game of distance and intimacy covers a wide range of possibilities. Without teasing we fail to get closer. Without distance we cannot maintain the erotic room. In order to stay aroused and lively, we want to deal with both elements. How do we get there? What can we invest, what can we expect? What is the magic beyond a lasting erotic attraction?

We will go into some simple experiments to encounter our own patterns and potentials. We recognise that tease & denial is not only a stimulant to our body but also for other aspects of our being.

Tools for Tense Situations


This workshop will resource you to stay self-connected and to be a useful presence in tense situations.
We’ll look at various situations such as challenging someone’s behaviour or intervening in a conflict.
We will explore the reasons we don’t intervene, and some ways of intervening, de-escalating, mediating and supporting conflicts to unfold more safely.
Come prepared to challenge, be challenged and support each other to step more fully into a grounded sense of empowerment.
This is a life, communication and community skills workshop.

More information: Bystander Training, Conflict Resilience

Grief, Passion and Wailing


Phil Hinton Photography

It’s so easy to spend time with the things and people we love.
How often do we spend time with our grief?
Grief is often repressed, ignored and people try to, or are encouraged to ‘move on from it’. Grief is also a form of love. We only grieve for the things we love.
Grief happens when we have loved and lost people and things that are dear to us.
We can grieve for parts of ourselves that we have lost, or have never fully known.
Grief is what we can do when we have tried everything else and we are stuck

This is a space to meet our grief with the passionate practice of Wailing. Wailing is a raw, primal, energising, cathartic, nonverbal, embodied expression of grief. Come with your sadness, your stuckness, your intensity. Come prepare to witness others and be witnessed. Come dressed as you would dress for a lover, or in clothes that connect you to what you have lost.

Grief is necessary. Grief serves life.

4 common myths around Grief

1.“No one’s died. I’m not grieving”
Grief can be a) the thing you can’t stop thinking about (as in Michel Rostain’s The Son “Dad can’t hear anything that distracts him from his distress”) or b) a dull ache that is difficult to locate the source of.

In other words, there are griefs we know about, the obvious ones, and the griefs we don’t know about, the not-so-obvious. There can be a lot of grief around sexuality and sexual expression, which has very little space to be heard in daily life. Grief in itself is pretty taboo. Grief around sexuality, even more so.

There is grief and mourning present in each day of our lives; disappointments, frustrations and heartbreak that need acknowledgement and integration.

2. “Grief is for old people”
If you are young, don’t think you don’t have anything to grieve. Grief is one of the earliest experiences we have and we are usually more permitted as young children to express our grief through our crying and tantrums.

As we grow older however, the opportunities to grieve become more limited and the belief that to be strong we must suppress our responses to loss, and the mantra ‘Just get over it’ takes hold.

3. “I don’t want to dwell on the negative. It’s too depressing. I’ll get stuck there.”
Grief is just the way things are. In order to blossom again, I need to experience the stillness of loss. Experiencing grief, is different from talking about it.

We must face the reality of a brokenness of heart that is both personal and of the world. Surprisingly, that is when we discover that ‘the pain is the mantra’; the very suffering of the world can be what repeatedly calls us back to the imperative of its healing. If we can persist and sit with the reality, not running from it, a music may eventually be heard.” Alistair McIntosh

If I don’t do the work of despair, I numb out or suppress feelings. That’s when I get stuck. I remain disempowered or angry. I always come back from grief work more energised.

4. “I’d rather keep it to myself, thanks. I’ll get over it.”
Grief is strangely unique to each individual and does need a lot of time to integrate, most of this integration is done alone.

However, there is such power in being fully witnessed in your grief. Nothing changes, the lost lover doesn’t come back, the chronic health condition doesn’t improve, the traumatic childhood doesn’t get erased but healing is possible by having the space to express hurt and pain, (without people telling you ‘You’ll be alright’ which somehow jumps over the lived experience).

Nothing changes on the outside, but my own capacity to contain the hurt grows.

Grief simply needs space and needs to have space held for it. The deeper layers of despair work are rarely possible to face alone

– cancelled – Fairy Tale Fantasies

Violetta Stahl

In the roles of popular fairy tale characters, we explore the underlying eroticism and thus expand our sensual potential. It’s all about fun and games! The role play is supported by a light hypnotic trance journey.


Violetta Stahl

There are many different reasons to develop an erotic relationship more alive: In order to master a crisis, to achieve a deeper connection, to integrate new erotic impulses into the love life, to understand an external infatuation as a symptom of one’s own development, to gain clarity whether the partnership is worthwhile or a separation would be better. It is always about love and its changes.

We all hear about unheard-of pleasures every day. But only one really counts: one’s own. Today there is speechlessness between lovers. The partners usually only manage their everyday lives business-like and have forgotten how to communicate their essential experiences undisturbed. How can eroticism be maintained in such an objectified relationship?
The dialogue consists of the undisturbed, structured conversation between two people, in which one’s own experience unfolds into a self-portrait for the other. So what matters is that we learn to talk to each other in a fundamental way! Because to love one another is above all to understand one another.

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