German Romantic

Live Performance

Peter Banki

The German Romantics brought together life and art, philosophy and sex in a unique manner and arguably for the first time. They saw all of these as inseparable. They experimented with collective living and working together as well as sharing themselves and their partners. They saw life as an infinite becoming. They were arguably, the first Xplorers. I am convinced that Xplore as a concept is profoundly indebted to the German Romantics. 

In this workshop with a musical accompaniment we will be invited to listen to poetry, literature and philosophy from Goethe, Schlegel, Kleist, Günderrode and others. While listening, you will be invited to interact, play, cuddle and/or have sex. We will xplore what effects the German Romantics have on our erotic play. And what our play does to the way we listen to the German Romantics.