Somatic Self Worship

Your body is sacred as fuck

Sonja Reifenhäuser

You are holy and your body embodies just that. It is the manifestation of your thoughts, your actions and your way of life. Here you are at home, you are carried and nurtured by it, it feels and thinks for you – even before your ratio can decide, your subconscious bodymind has already done this.

Our body has incredible intelligence that is the foundation of our being. All the essential qualities are experienced in the body, and we all face the act of defiance of having a body and being a body. We have accepted the challenge of integrating these two types of relationships into our bodies. You are human – welcome. And you have needs, desires, fears and stored experiences in all your cells. And that’s fine. In addition, it makes you an exciting individual and 3-dimensional.
Body awareness allows your ability to grow with the full spectrum of our emotions. When we devote ourselves to the self-sustaining and healing wisdom of our body, we can naturally regulate our nervous system, grow our abilities and tolerance for pleasurable and challenging experiences.

This workshop will help you track your body sensations and invite you on a journey and exploration to yourself.
We will create a safe, familiar space where you can be with all your holy bodyincarnation and where everything has space (from conscious to kink – all is welcome) and can be celebrated as a gift to yourself and to others. We explore our senses, feel, touch and shift our boundaries – consciously and carefully.