Love Scenes

Experience your romantic fantasy!


“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.“
 Gone with the wind

Whether vampires in love or city neurotics longing for Mr. and Mrs. Right, whether southern beauties waiting to be conquered or terminally ill teenagers falling in love for the first time in hospital: we can hardly avoid touching or kitschy love scenes which have also often enough shaped our romantic fantasies.
Erotic fantasies from breath control to rape play to cock torture are now on everyone’s lips with a certain amount of nonchalance – we stage them, play with them, search and find ways to experience them.
To treat and express our romantic fantasies in a similarly playful way seems impossible because we experience them as closely connected with our serious feelings and our (love) relationships, just as we felt some time ago about our sexual fantasies.

In this workshop I offer you the opportunity to creatively explore and playfully stage your longings for kitschy sounding declarations of love or dramatic pathos (of course, your romance might always get hot and sexy, too – this is xplore after all…).
We will start with a short writing exercise in order to access our own romantic images and ideas, then we will play in trios and quartets with the resulting material and with film dialogues, staging some of those romantic fantasies that we have at most dared to dream of…

If possible, please bring pen and paper with you. Costumes and utensils that inspire your own romantic fantasies are also welcome.

“I wished I knew how to quit you.“
Brokeback Mountain