– cancelled – Fairy Tale Fantasies

Violetta Stahl

In the roles of popular fairy tale characters, we explore the underlying eroticism and thus expand our sensual potential. It’s all about fun and games! The role play is supported by a light hypnotic trance journey.


Violetta Stahl

There are many different reasons to develop an erotic relationship more alive: In order to master a crisis, to achieve a deeper connection, to integrate new erotic impulses into the love life, to understand an external infatuation as a symptom of one’s own development, to gain clarity whether the partnership is worthwhile or a separation would be better. It is always about love and its changes.

We all hear about unheard-of pleasures every day. But only one really counts: one’s own. Today there is speechlessness between lovers. The partners usually only manage their everyday lives business-like and have forgotten how to communicate their essential experiences undisturbed. How can eroticism be maintained in such an objectified relationship?
The dialogue consists of the undisturbed, structured conversation between two people, in which one’s own experience unfolds into a self-portrait for the other. So what matters is that we learn to talk to each other in a fundamental way! Because to love one another is above all to understand one another.

Witches & Bitches

Verena Krüger
German, English

What is a witch? Does magic exist? What does the broom have to do with intoxication? And what do witches, executioners, whores and gamblers all have in common? Why were there far fewer witch burns in the Middle Ages than in the early modern times? How come that people were convinced that witches had wild sex with the devil and what role did the church play? What happened at a witch trial and why did the supposed witch have to be burned?

Immerse yourself in a time when faith, superstition, torture, sex, prostitution and execution went hand in hand.

Find out why the hangmen had to wear bells, how they, though ostracised, managed to attain a modest level of prosperity and what his sideline as a pimp and the sale of bodily fluids had to do with it.

This workshop also provides insights into the basics of rituals, spells, and the power of herbs. Bring some magic into your life and learn how to enchant your everyday life with common kitchen herbs and spices!

Troubadour Songs

Verena Krüger

What exactly is romantic? What is considered romantic in other countries and how was it expressed in the past?

A journey through time that brings us closer to the understanding of romance and romanticism in the Middle Ages, in the eponymous Romantic era and in the present, going beyond national borders.

Let yourself be carried away into a world in which the romantic adoration of the ladies is reflected in fervent songs and poems. Learn to write them yourself and become a master of the meek and gentle word (m/f/d)! Who is the modern Walther von der Vogelweide? (Gender roles do not apply, this workshop is meant for everyone who wants to know what romanticism is all about and for all those who want to play with words, melting the heart(s) of others (or even their own)! Dare it and persist in word battles for the conquest of the adored! Glory and honour shall be yours!

Touching Devotion

Om Rupani

Within the Dom/Sub Romance ‘Devotion’ is a state, a frequency of consciousness, that is most often associated with religious experiences. But tantric traditions have informed us that it is possible to see the divine in our lover. To show up in our sexing as cosmic entities and not merely corporeal ones — beings who are quite capable of offering and receiving Devotion to and from each other.

In this class we will explore the segue that is possible from the Surrender that occurs between a Dominant and Submissive towards an experience of transcendental devotion.

Teenage Dry Humping Orgy

Line Bangsbo & Anna Natt

Remember the days where you could spend hours rubbing against someone else with all of your clothes on? Teetering on the edge of orgasm, slippery with desire… In this workshop, we will hump ourselves into a sweaty frenzy. With the awkward enthusiasm of a horny teenager, we will dive into the art of humping and explore different techniques from the obvious to more nuanced and subtle executions. We will return to the romantic days of being a teenager, revisit the nervousness of asking someone out and relive the times we could spend whole evenings on the couch dry humping with our crush. Our aim is to create a space that is safe for you to conjure your inner teenager and play. We might go to second base, maybe third, but we will never go “all the way”!

Poetry of the Genitals

Klara Lotte

Photo and Ropes: Dasniya Sommer

Our genitals can provide us a lot of pleasure.

What could happen, if we knew more about them? If we had more names and words for them? Names and words to communicate our desires, sensations and phantasies? To tell our experiences with them? If we would give them more space? Give them a stage? A paper and a pencil?

In this workshop we will share descriptions, stories and poems from our genitals. We will let our “jewels” talk and perform and give them a playful and loving space.

Please come dressed with a sarong or a sexy peignoir. With as little beneath, as you feel comfortable.
Please bring something to sit on (big towel/sarong) and if possible a pocket mirror

The Garden of Intimacy

Itay Ganot

We want to allow access to our need of intimacy as an unconditioned quality, with all its emotional appearances. The workshop is an invitation to play in a space where intimacy meets the body without any titles, in a celebration of esthetics that has no boundaries. In the workshop we will play simple games of naivety, childishness, romance, tenderness, emotion and secret sharing, and will allow ourselves to enjoy the beauty that this garden can offer.

Participants are encouraged to bring fruits, flowers, leaves and other natural elements that can enrich our garden

Kinky-Tantric Speed Dating


Dive deep into the vastness of Eros in our Tantra-Kinky Speed Dating and meet yourself in intimate encounters with others. Each one of the 40 engagements proposed has it’s own flavour and will allow to seXplore body, mind and soul levels of the being. The journey is about creating deep intimacy and polarity with others in a short time. We will use community to expand and integrate further edges of giving and receiving presence, love and sexual playfulness. The seXercises include conscious communication, energy exchanges, power dynamics and physical engagements all within individual consent with the intention of self-knowledge, romance and/or finding compatibilities for the final play party.

Romantic, Trust & Hunger

Annette Schindler

Together we will make social utopia perceptible with our bodies. Through touch we will give room to our romantic relationship forms and cast them back on ourselves. Within this interaction between yourselves and others and with your inner voice and your body, I invite you to explore your own image of romance.

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