Xplore Xtras

Shibari Lounge

Bondage Spielecke im Bodywork Exchange Space

With Arlis & Hagen as well as seilartig & FrlLilly you get the opportunity to experience lustful and/or painful bondage.

Whether in the air or on the ground – they will embrace you with ropes and hold you…

2004 Osada Steve captured her at the xplore Berlin Festival. Since then the ropes didn’t let her go. 2006 she became Hagens bondage partner and pupil. Meanwhile she is teaching and holding workshops, based on the techniques of Osada Ryu. She equally likes to have strong men floating in her ropes as she enjoys ensnaring devoted women with her ropes.

Sensual sadist, technical perfectionist and persistent rigger with three decades of practise, one of them as a professional
His teacher in Japanese rope art: 2004 – 2010 Osada Steve
Technical inspirations by: Osada Steve, Osada Eikichi, Aketchi Denki, Randa Mai, Yukimura Haruki, Hajime Kinoko and Matthias Grimme
Places of work: Studio6 Berlin, Osada Kinbaku Dojo, Studio AVALON

Contact: www.shibaribar.de
Photo: © Hubertus Leischner

Do not be afraid

The xplore Insecurity Team with Jana

Insecurity Button

If we leave our comfort zone and experience something out of the ordinary, if we invite the common and the chaotic to our playground, then it can come to irritations. We want to be consciously irritated and risk failure. And we want to have ecstatic experiences from which we can return to our comfort zone more richly and courageously. We want to dance on that line.

Sometimes we stumble and need a hand, an ear or a plaster. The xplore Insecurity Team around Jana will support and encourage you in such cases and is also available for mediation. You can find the team in the Bodywork Exchange room and recognize it by the green Insecurity stickers.

Responsible direction:
Jana Scherle, systemic family therapist