Alessandro Pedori

Alex gave up deciding what to do as a grown up and chose instead to mix worlds and domains. He is passionate about the social aspect of technology and, conversely, the technological aspects of social interactions, collecting projects and techniques that let people shine and communities grow. Out of the desire to get people to share practical knowledge, to teach and learn from each other in domains that are often opaque, he started collecting tools that developed into the project “Relationship Cookbook”.
Alex mostly lives in Berlin (where he can sometimes be found for even a few weeks at a time), where he enjoys the wide range of what is normal here, the different subcultures, and the mix of people.

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  • Touch and Politics

    Alessandro Pedori (Alex)
    German / English

    The spirit of a late night chat with good friends, but more focused, pragmatic, and open to all. A Relationship Cookbook is an embodied, semi-structured conversation about challenging topics; a somewhat different way to communicate in a group, with the help of non-verbal hand signals and time boxing, to allow us to gather and talk intelligently with each other and not at each other. It is facilitated with tools from unconferences, Open Space Technology, Occupy assembly hand signals, and other systems.

    Part workshop on how to communicate in a group AS a group, part conversation about the content. This Relationship Cookbook will be about Touch and Politics:
    What’s the interaction between what we do with our bodies, to our and other bodies, and the social body out there? Do we have a duty to change the world, just to resist unwanted change, or…what?
    Every conversation will have a maximum of 35-40 people. It is a dialogue, the wildest ideas could be discussed, while our physical bodies will be mostly sitting and talking, with just a bit of non-verbal signalling (there is the rest of Xplore for acting out and wild).

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