Ariane and Beatriz are the creators of BliXX International Sexuality Lab which allows seekers to expand consciousness using mindful sexuality as a vehicle. We travel the world offering workshops and play parties merging Neo-Tantra and Conscious Kink.

All our journeys start by putting all attendees in resonance and similar energetic frame through meditation, movement and sound, connecting from the separate-self to the united-self before the safe space opens into a free flow field of Eros seXploration. We strive for highest possible variety of genders and sexual understandings and expressions. We start together and we finish together allowing each one of us to be seen and heard.


  • Kinky-Tantric Speed Dating


    Dive deep into the vastness of Eros in our Tantra-Kinky Speed Dating and meet yourself in intimate encounters with others. Each one of the 40 engagements proposed has it’s own flavour and will allow to seXplore body, mind and soul levels of the being. The journey is about creating deep intimacy and polarity with others in a short time. We will use community to expand and integrate further edges of giving and receiving presence, love and sexual playfulness. The seXercises include conscious communication, energy exchanges, power dynamics and physical engagements all within individual consent with the intention of self-knowledge, romance and/or finding compatibilities for the final play party.

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