Paul Hasler

Since 25 years I run a small ThinkTank experimenting with the potentials of society. Erotics and sensual interaction are an issue that seem to be of central value for a world that has gone out of balance. In my eyes the qualities of the feminine are a central resource for the world of tomorrow. We need to work on that to become able to play with our inner energies instead of creating confrontations.

In my workshops and texts I like to circle around the dialogue of the two gravity fields of masculinity and femininity. Based on this approach I was able to participate in several projects the last 20 years, as United Kingdom, Schwelle 7, or Xplore by Felix Ruckert. Personally I run a little space called Lustwerkstatt that we use as laboratory for dance, erotics and performances.

I am 56 and live in Bern and Berlin.

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  • Tease & Denial

    Paul Hasler

    Foto: Paul Hasler

    Tease and denial are the poles of every erotic balance. The game of distance and intimacy covers a wide range of possibilities. Without teasing we fail to get closer. Without distance we cannot maintain the erotic room. In order to stay aroused and lively, we want to deal with both elements. How do we get there? What can we invest, what can we expect? What is the magic beyond a lasting erotic attraction?

    We will go into some simple experiments to encounter our own patterns and potentials. We recognise that tease & denial is not only a stimulant to our body but also for other aspects of our being.

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