Pawel Dudus & Laura Eva Meuris

photo: Johan Pijpops, theaterfotograaf

Laura Eva Meuris is a Belgian artist. She has been active in the dance milieu since 2001. Her interest concern creation in an expanded field, something approached through experimental practises and creative processes ina multiplicity of formats and expressions. She is applying elements of choreography, curation, visual, sound and performance art that are inextricably linked to dance and movement. She is living in Belgium and works in Belgium, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.

Pawel Dusus comes from the South. South of Poland. For the past 10 years Pawel has been working in the context of dance, theater and performance art. Pawel is a Dreamer, a Dream and a Dreaming – working towards developing utopias. Within his artistic work, Pawel a queer identity has been developing practices which look for ways how to reform patterns and habits in the way people interact with each other in an intimate setting.

Together Laura and Pawel have been heartfully dedicated to # o n l y l o v e i s r e a l – a friendship based collaboration, an ongoing long term research project dedicated to the subject of love, intimacy and (self)care. They sensed a need to bring to the foreground, question and rephrase how we connect and relate to each other as human beings. They have been working artistically from January 2015. So far they have created 5 works together: A study on touch, An act of surrendering, Liquid act, An act of self loving, A study on healing through sound. Their career as choreographers and performers is based on the awakening of the senses, where the connection between somatic work and artistic creation forms the basis of their choreographic and performative practise. Their work is a response towards violence and hate which is growing because of insensibilisation and empathic anaesthesia, current national segregation linked to fear and predominance of normative perceptions.


  • The Liquid Dance

    Pawel Dudus, Laura Eva Meuris

    photo: Johan Pijpops, theaterfotograaf

    Together we’re going to share some insights of our choreographic work, which investigates the subject of intimacy, love, care and sensuality and brings it into motion. Participants will be introduced to simple choreographic tools and working methods with the liquid material used in one of our performances. The workshop proposal offers physical encounters in a very intimate setting. Working with the liquid material opens up a possibility for playful interactions among participants and provides highly sensual experience. We will look for ways of moving together that can lead to an unconditional togetherness and a body, which neither loses itself in the other nor imposes its power over the other. Ultimately, the synergy of bodies moving together will lead to the development of a poetic dance in a liquid territory.

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