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Verena Krüger is a city guide in Munich, language coach, lecturer, translator and interpreter. As a tour guide and passionate backpacker, she feels at home all over the world.

Topics that have always fascinated her include languages, foreign cultures, travelling, history, mysticism and magic. After having studied translation, she worked as a flight attendant and later started her own business as a freelancer, teaching English, German as a foreign language and Spanish in companies and at language schools. She also teaches public speaking and acting at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Her passion for history could be lived out and deepened thanks to her training and many years of work as a city guide in Munich. Some of the tours she offers deal with magic, the Middle Ages and the lives of the “outlaws” (such as executioners, witches, night watchmen and prostitutes). One of her hobbies is to participate in the Kaltenberger Ritterspiele, an annual medieval festival with knights tournaments. She has lived in the USA and Spain and has travelled several months (or years) through Latin America and Southeast Asia, with more adventures to come…


  • Troubadour Songs

    Verena Krüger

    What exactly is romantic? What is considered romantic in other countries and how was it expressed in the past?

    A journey through time that brings us closer to the understanding of romance and romanticism in the Middle Ages, in the eponymous Romantic era and in the present, going beyond national borders.

    Let yourself be carried away into a world in which the romantic adoration of the ladies is reflected in fervent songs and poems. Learn to write them yourself and become a master of the meek and gentle word (m/f/d)! Who is the modern Walther von der Vogelweide? (Gender roles do not apply, this workshop is meant for everyone who wants to know what romanticism is all about and for all those who want to play with words, melting the heart(s) of others (or even their own)! Dare it and persist in word battles for the conquest of the adored! Glory and honour shall be yours!

  • Witches & Bitches

    Verena Krüger
    German, English

    What is a witch? Does magic exist? What does the broom have to do with intoxication? And what do witches, executioners, whores and gamblers all have in common? Why were there far fewer witch burns in the Middle Ages than in the early modern times? How come that people were convinced that witches had wild sex with the devil and what role did the church play? What happened at a witch trial and why did the supposed witch have to be burned?

    Immerse yourself in a time when faith, superstition, torture, sex, prostitution and execution went hand in hand.

    Find out why the hangmen had to wear bells, how they, though ostracised, managed to attain a modest level of prosperity and what his sideline as a pimp and the sale of bodily fluids had to do with it.

    This workshop also provides insights into the basics of rituals, spells, and the power of herbs. Bring some magic into your life and learn how to enchant your everyday life with common kitchen herbs and spices!

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