Violetta Stahl

Violetta is a BDSM coach with over 20 years of experience, psychotherapeutically trained with a focus on sexual therapy. She supports couples and singles in their relationships, sensual eroticism and sensual experience. She pays particular attention to relationship dynamics, explores body work and likes to combine the topics BDSM, sexuality and personal development: relationship is communication, violence is failed communication!

According to her understanding, a healthy handling of preferences and inclinations is healing and creates relationships. Early childhood (traumatic) experiences can thereby lead to pleasurable fulfilment, emotions such as shame or guilt can be acted out in the BSDM game.

. Marketing specialist
. Systemical Coach
. many years of experience in adult education and support for female entrepreneurs
. Hypnosis coach and therapist
. Couples and Sex Advisor
. Sex therapist
. Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy
. Analytical Psychology according to C.G. Jung
. Conversational psychotherapist (humanistic psychology, person-centered according to C. Rogers)
. Basic medical education
. Specialized in stress management, relaxation techniques (including meditation, autogenic training), burnout treatment/prevention
. Body Therapy/Bioenergetics
. Free Lecturer

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  • – cancelled – Fairy Tale Fantasies

    Violetta Stahl

    In the roles of popular fairy tale characters, we explore the underlying eroticism and thus expand our sensual potential. It’s all about fun and games! The role play is supported by a light hypnotic trance journey.

  • Dialogue

    Violetta Stahl

    There are many different reasons to develop an erotic relationship more alive: In order to master a crisis, to achieve a deeper connection, to integrate new erotic impulses into the love life, to understand an external infatuation as a symptom of one’s own development, to gain clarity whether the partnership is worthwhile or a separation would be better. It is always about love and its changes.

    We all hear about unheard-of pleasures every day. But only one really counts: one’s own. Today there is speechlessness between lovers. The partners usually only manage their everyday lives business-like and have forgotten how to communicate their essential experiences undisturbed. How can eroticism be maintained in such an objectified relationship?
    The dialogue consists of the undisturbed, structured conversation between two people, in which one’s own experience unfolds into a self-portrait for the other. So what matters is that we learn to talk to each other in a fundamental way! Because to love one another is above all to understand one another.

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